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Good morning Superior Muscle. We at Olympia Solutions are honored to be here on this board with a great community. We have took everyone's request in about a detailed log to be given for a cycle, it seems that everyone here at Superior that are vets and well trusted is actually already on something, in which we greatly respect your honesty and not taking out offer and give a BS log since you are already on cycle, that tells us alot about the integrity that has been built here that no "gear whores" are welcomed....[emoji16]. After thought and consideration and wanting to get our product out we have chosen a seasoned vet, maybe not from here, but he had been around for sometime. With that being said all he is waiting on is his pack to land and I can assure you he will be honest every step of the way. The person we have chosen is Reeper. This DOES NOT mean we still will not offer the vets here, just waiting on you guys to be off. Thank you once again Superior Muscle, and I will bet you will not be dissatisfied with the upcoming log for Olympia Solutions.

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