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Originally Posted by Reeper View Post
Here is my beak in, damn I am going to be sore but hope not ot sore since I am basically breaking my body back in. So the battle begins!!!
Day 1

Incline press: 1 warmup 1 workset
Flat Bench: 1 workset
Flat Flyes: 1 workset
Military press: 1 warmup set 1 workset
Lateral Flyes: 1 workset
Rear Delt Machine: 1 workset
Tricep pushdowns: 1 warmup 1 work set
Lying tricep extensions: 1 workset

Will start working on diet soon!!!! am eating smaller moerfrequent mills, not easy to do on my job!!
Looking good at start, stay focused and get it!!

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