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Most people mistake me for being in my mid to late 30's thank GOD for the benefit of the Iron!!!! LOL...... Those photos you saw were when I was 49 and 50, I am now 51 and I will get into stage shape if I work hard enough.
That being said I have been working out off and on since I was 15, I took slin 23 years ago and was a beast and lean, If I remember it was new on the scene. research being safe and having a safety net when I took my 8iu right after the bust ass workout on top of a 900 cal weight gainer shake, always having juice a coke or snickers bar close. Never take chances!!! So I have been around for some time. When I was stationed at Beaufort SC. Dean Caputo (some may remember him) stopped by the Paris Island gym, a beast at the time in those days..... It will definitely be harder this time around but not impossible especially with great gear. Thanks for everyone joining in and feel free to comment and give constructive criticism. Oh and my heart is strong as a bull, there is no damage to the heart tissue.

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