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My body is still feeling fatigued from jumping back into the gym:
The first exercise was an isolated ab machine set up to mimic rope crunches so I will just say rope crunches.
Rope crunches: 1 warm up, 1 work set
Lat Pulldowns: 1 warm up, 1 work set
Cable Rows: 1 workset
seated calf raises: 1 warmup, 1 workset

Hitting calves again because I think they will be a weak point along with bringing my legs back up, love seated calves and all these exercises are high rep atleast 20 reps min but not a lot of weight. As I said just trying to break myself back in without being bed ridden for a day or two LOL......It feels good and I am sure will only feel better as we go along.
I said it before but thanks for having me my brothers!!
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