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Originally Posted by Androman View Post
Do you think ur cardiac-related problems were caused by gear use? How long have u had experience with steroids?

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Cardiac problems run in the family plus I was subjected to some gas in the military that they are now saying causes heart and lung problems, also sterility in women etc.....
Funny thing is I ran cross country in high school and played football, did a little boxing for golden gloves Memphis fire dept.
Can't get in the Military with asthma so my guess is the cs gas did a # on me. I have used gear off and on over 20 years close to 30, sometimes 6 months on 2 years off, sometimes a year on and 5 years off. One reason for being on and off so much was that I became a single parent, my x gave me my kids when they were 8 and 10 and walked away!!!!! So no I don't think it was the gear, after I was subjected to the gas in the Military is when I started having breathing issues so it is probably when the heart issues started too, I know the lack of oxygen put a strain on my heart as hard as I would train.
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