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The thing is I am off work a little early, not feeling well in and out of the weather and still going to hit back tonight, get me a little rest and go!! Thing is bro you have never met me don't know me and don't know anyone like me, I was working out when you were in diapers.... no disrespect. I am an easy going guy as long as I am not pushed too far and this is a board/forum which turns out to have great people on it. I like and am doing and going to continue to do a log on. You talk a lot of shit to have a dog bigger then you are and again no disrespect...remember just being real!! My man can stand and I stand behind him, no one has the right to tell a man to sit down...Please keep up with things but don't be an ass about it brother, you don't know me, where I have been or what I have done. I don't dislike anyone unless they disrespect me and I show every man respect. It's all good brother, let's do this and we can all work together!!!!
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