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Originally Posted by Reeper View Post
The thing is I am off work a little early, not feeling well in and out of the weather and still going to hit back tonight, get me a little rest and go!! Thing is bro you have never met me don't know me and don't know anyone like me, I was working out when you were in diapers.... no disrespect. I am an easy going guy as long as I am not pushed too far and this is a board/forum which turns out to have great people on it. I like and am doing and going to continue to do a log on. You talk a lot of shit to have a dog bigger then you are and again no disrespect...remember just being real!! My man can stand and I stand behind him, no one has the right to tell a man to sit down...Please keep up with things but don't be an ass about it brother, you don't know me, where I have been or what I have done. I don't dislike anyone unless they disrespect me and I show every man respect. It's all good brother, let's do this and we can all work together!!!!
Lmao so you was working out since when you were 10! You better take a better look at my avi..
And it's a Rottweiler.. dem big dogs!!

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fuck a dime. im a dolla

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