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Originally Posted by Reeper View Post
Well, I didn’t make it to the gym last night – I was just too sick. . . But I sure as hell made up for it this morning!!! I have to make this short, it’s been one hell of a long day and I have to hit it again in the morning! Unfortunately, cardio is hit and miss right now and I have to change that.

This morning’s workout consisted of:
Cable Pulldowns
Warm up: 2x20 reps, work sets: 5x 20 to 8 reps pyramiding weight
Cable Rows
4 sets 20 to 8 reps
T-bar Rows
4 sets 10 reps
Ab Crunch Machine
3 sets 30 reps
Seated Calf raises
4 sets – to failure

No since I was 15, I did exaggerate a little and I know rotties are big but you keep pushing,if you don't care then go bother someone else unless you just need the attention. A little psychology for you: most people that act like you do are covering for their ignorance, stupidity and low IQ. Read up on it!! So call a truce or it's only going to get worse and like I said you really don't know me. Let it go!!
I totally agree with a truce and let's be men and represent Superior Muscle.

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