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It's all good the Iron game is good to us people mistake me for 35 to 38 used to be mistaken for my grandsons dad, lol which is nice... No ego bro and I don't make threats ;), I am who I am until pushed too far. Now this is great I am glad we could sweep things under the carpet. My grandson calls me Pap, so that's close...LOL your good in my book and glad we could bring this together. We are all here for the same reason, glad we could bring it together bori!!! Nice having everyone on board and your rottie does look good, just busting your balls, I have a boxer and just got a Pit boxer mix with blue eyes, both brindle in color, I will have to post some pictures up sometime. My best bud my chihuahua passed away at 13 which they say is 91 in dog years, it was from congestive heart but what can you do!!!!!! Boxer is like one of my kids too but the little one I could hold on my chest or lap while he slept. lol Boxer not so easy!!!! lol have a good day.... Post tonight after work.

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