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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
I'm almost 240 sitting after a big cheat meal.

I get winded quick though. 240 isn't massive at 6 foot but I can feel it. Can't imagine what the monsters like big ramy feel like. Must feel like sacks of shit just trying to get through the day.

When I was super lean I was small compared to now but I felt so much more athletic.

I'm not really doing anything different compared to when I was shredded. Just higher doses and more calories. The prami has given me the ability to actually run a average dose of deca without getting gyno and ever since then I've blown up.
I've thought of getting to 210 and walking around the 205 mark with single digits...but why?

I have nothing more to prove, I want to maintain the look and strength I've worked hard for, and just take it easy.

I've had every possible test done on me this year except the EKG which is being done in January. I really enjoy how I feel all the time.

I'm going back to bjj soon and taking a break from the box mentality.
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