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Only on here for a minute, pressed for time and have only been home long enough to eat. Pictures of the out of shape me this weekend,lost 13 lbs on hospital food then blew up after coming home...LOL bad you have to almost die to lose
The part I left out was my lungs filled up with water from my blood since there was no where for the fluid to go when the artery was blocked.
FLASH PULMONARY EDEMA. The blood cells are too thick to pass through the membrane walls so the water from the blood passes and fills your lungs up.
It is by the grace of GOD I am here, I was drowning in my own kitchen but was able to cough it up, when you cough in that situation water spews everywhere, brown or red tent. It took me awhile to bring myself back to the Iron game since seems like life comes to an end, everything you like to do anyway. It's time though and I appreciate everyone keeping up here!!! Night bro's
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