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Rope curls superset tri cable pushdowns
2 x 30 warmup
Work sets: 5x failure last set drop set

Preacher curl: 3 x failure
Tri pushdown machine: 4 x failure last set drop set

Calves: 3 x failure
Ab crunch machine: 4 x failure

I fighting to stay awake by the end of the day and sure didn’t feel like going to work…LOL
Arrived home late so didn’t get a chance to log last night, a lot of cardio this weekend but I do have to work some today.
Will post some pictures, wear your sunglasses because they are going to burn your eyes probably…lol
Feel body tightening up but it will be a few weeks before we see changes so bear with me…We are going to make it happen, still trying to get diet down because with my job I only get a 30-min break in 10 to 12 hours so I have to eat finger food or food on the run which we all know is not good. This makes it even harder but things will fall into place. Diet is so damn important so I must figure out how to eat on the run and keep the bread out of the game. Been eating stone ground wheat (no enriched products).
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