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Originally Posted by rado View Post
Yea never done that high on prop.(concentration wise)

I never knew how much I'd like sustanon until I recently came off it.

The past few months I've been on test mixtures and I've enjoyed it.

But prop is my favorite, when it comes to just taking test.

Man you should post a log on here. I'd like to see it and see your type of gear and dosing.

With all due respect, it's stupid but I get it brother, it's your lifestyle....just be safe as possible, if that isn't contradictory lol😁
Ya I'm a sust guy honestly. But I always told my self bro that if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to turn pro I wouldn't be using the dosages that I use,I honestly would just enjoy and take different cycles and not worry so much about it all..saftey is always there I actually work with a dr that's understanding so that half the battle there lol I'll do a log to nationals
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