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Originally Posted by Austmed View Post
A bit of background that I have tested 3 other suppliers of Test C & P and the result were from having very little product in the oils but just enough to get the color to turn and others having something mixed in but we could not get results on what it was just that activated the test. Trash they went.

I received two bottles of each Test C 250 and Test P 100 from Pharmavol at my own expense.
We first tested using Labmax and Roidtest A&B ampoules at the house. Pictured results that are correct Per the protocol of the Labmax & Roidtest lab.
Then we took the them to work with my coworker and run the some testing in our work lab. We went thru one full bottle of each Test P & C. We both ran two test each. No separation was noted on any of the samples.

Results that Propionate was at 104 based on stated 100mg/mL. Cypionate was at 248 based on stated 250mg/mL.
We also ran the Test C I got via my doctor came out at 251 from compound pharmacy.

So we are happy with the results. Blood work after 5 weeks has maintained nice levels based on last 3 months prior testing.

Our next order will be for AI.
nice...where are those numbers on those tests?
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