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Originally Posted by Austmed View Post
We did the lab work at my work with coworker, hence under the radar.
Iím an electro-mech engineer my coworker is a bio-chem engineer. So no official perpaperwork and the machine (think it was a HPLC/MS) just prints out 3inch wide strips of test paper but it has Co info printed on it, so coworker burn them as his job is on line if found.

It was a four step process and he filled 12 sample tubes each run. We had to use an older analyzer, due to the new one tracks everything.

But Iím interested in finding out more about testosterone Suspension.
Good work.

It is nice to see gear being tested these days. As you know, all it takes is for a small sample of product to change colors....however as you also said and I've said this in my previous posts, I've done a good 20 tests by now and when I see the coloring come out weak, it's a concern of a weak product for sure.
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