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So the past week or so, I've noticed a few things, nothing bad either. But I'm curious to see the lab work once I'm done.

Anytime I've ever taken winny, I get mild achy joints due to the dryness it gives, not with this winny though.

Recently I had thought, Damn this winny is strong. What I meant was, it was kicking in rather quickly and I felt the nice effects.

It seems to have tapered off. I am just running really low dosing of prop and mast, both 300mgs a week.

Interesting enough, I've done this exact same cycle many times and results have been different, but then again I do have more weeks to go.

I know my body well enough to know. But I do feel great, the prop and mast I can certainly tell and know it's working.

Maybe the winny is a bit underdosed? Who knows but if that's the case, here's the reason why im doing these tests. So that the sponsor can see where tweaks need to be made.

I understand completely and it's through trial and error, is how eventually you get to a better product.

I know where my ast/alt levels were before this cycle. We'll see how many points it throws things off. I should see a good 20 point spike to say the least.

And this is going from previous experience.

Other than that. The pinning is smooth, no pip, haven't been sick at all.

Just being honest guys, no agenda or vendetta. Would I use their gear again? Sure would....just really want to narrow this winny down and I'll do what I can to help the community.
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