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Karen A. Callen
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The Influence of Weightlifting on the Woman's Body Reply to Thread
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I do not doubt that, in spite of the aforementioned, most people perceive women's weightlifting as a rather dangerous job. Apropos of this, we can observe that there exists other sport in which the momentary strength resistance is considerably higher than in weightlifting. Such examples can be found in the track and field athletics - jumping, throwing, running 100m, acrobatics, gymnastics, rowing etc. It is also important that the technique of the competitive and auxiliary exercises in the weightlifting sport provide the possibility for muscles and parts of the body under power strain to work in a most convenient position, favorable from a bio mechanical point of view. At the same time power strain in a number of sports involves unfavorable position of body parts, twisting of the joints and unfavorable impact on woman's internal organs.
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