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my new cycle
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Hello friends, i was a stage bodybuilder in Miami for 20 years, all i did was 2 shots of sustenon a week and 12 weeks out of a show i added 3 shot of winstrol a week, believe it or not i made it to level 4(national qualifiers), so my experience with steroids is practically none and my knowledge extremely poor; i found in this brother from pharmavollabs a person that has instructed me and help me when i wasn't even buying. i finished my blast and a week after while cruising i got my blood work done and he was kind enough to help me to understand it and designed my next cycle. i got the goods today, which took 3 DAYS!!!( awesome), again impeccable pack , safe, discrete...perfect. i started right away, this gear makes me feel so is proven product and we have seen it right in this forum. am super excited about this cycle:
1-14 500 mg test e/week
1-14 300 mg deca /week
1-14 400 mg eq/week
1-4 75 mg prop + 75 mg npp EOD
Also my wife is starting next week Pharmavollabs anavar.
I will keep you informed of our progress.
Pharmavollabs has taken me to where i always wanted to be with the process of getting my gear: very affordable, super fast, high quality and the man is quick to answer...very friendly and also generous.

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