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No training yesterday.
Yesterday's macros:
Calories 2850
Pro 329
Carbs 164
Fat 77

Today I got some Chest and Arms in.
Standing cable crossover 1x20, 1x15, 3x12
Incline DB press (work up sets 4x8) 3x8, 3x5, 2x12
SS: HS iso incline press w/ seated calf raises 4x10/15, 3x15/20
SS: machine dips w/ machine preacher curls 1x15/15, 1x12/12, 4x8/10
SS: Handle push down w/ cable rope hammer curls 1x15/15, 1x12/12, 4x10/10

Weight was 168 this a.m.
Today macros will be through the roof.
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