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Originally Posted by jerryred069 View Post
what are the quick ways to lose weight?
Up ur protine to about 200, mostly complex carb and all good fat makes up the rest of ur caloric intake. Caloric intake for 6 foot 200 # man is 1200 a day for crazy weight loss, with cardo timed behind ur carb intake to preserve some little bit of muscle. Unless u protect muscle in a different way. But ur body will eat both muscle and fat at that calorie deficiency. Bouncer is right, totally.
One other option would be a keto diet, it works and is about the same as above just take out the carbs, up the protine just a Lil an make up the difference with fat calories replacing the carbs cals. U can get a test strip to piss on that will show when ur body is in a keto state.

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