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Train hard as fuck plan!
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Ok so as long as we arent going to the stage and we just wanna get hard and strong and big then what is the BEST routine?
The train hard as fuck routine is.
Here it is as simple as can be.

First pick a split that works best for you. Not a split that somebody says you should do cause it works for them. And not a split that you will be hard pressed to fullfil due to all of your other responsibilities like work,family,friends etc. Rememeber when someone is trying to make it to the stage they are on a completely different level for them this does not apply.

So lets say you like doing a Legs Push Pull every other day.
sit down and figure out a list of exercises that allow you to train heavy and go hard as fuck.
Say you are doing Push.
Hit Incline press for 8 to 12 or 6 to 10 if you wanna go a bit heavier
Hit Shoulder press for same
Hit Weighted dips for same

how many sets depends on your fitness level and more important how you feel and if you are in the best mindset.
Start with 3 sets try 4 sets. Write notes about how you feel. Go off of that and fine tune.
Maybe do the first exercise 4 times and the next 2 you can do 3 times.

Just make sure you go hard as fuck!

Ok now you are done with that , whats next?

Now that your muscles are feeling fried its time to really put those fuckers in their place.

Move to Giant sets or superset using weight that allows you to hit 15-25 reps per set. You will probably need only 2 rounds if you are doing them right.

These exercises should all be hitting the same muscle, say the chest but each exercise hits it at a different angle.
Cable fly declin to cable fly flat to push ups to bench dips can work

get creative and utilize the Giant set and super set like you only know how.
Just make sure that you train hard as fuck!

After you do that go one step further and put together another evil round of muscle destroying mayham. finish off your body parts one by one and killll!

Just make sure you train hard as fuck. Blood sweat and tears and a few snot bubbles my friends.
All in the name of glory!

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