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Back and Biceps

SS: HS Seated iso row wide w/ HS standing shrugs 1x15/15, 1x15/15, 3x10/10
SS: HS Seated iso row neutral w/ HS standing shrugs 3x10/10, 1x15/15
1 arm HS iso low row 2x12, 3x10, 4x6 (nonstop)
Machine pulldowns wide 1x14, 3x9, 1x12
Cable pulldowns neutral 3x12, dropset 1x6/8/8
Rope face pulls 3x12
Machine rear delt flyes 3x10
Incline DB curls 1x12, 1x10, 3x8, rp 1x10/5
Machine preacher curls 1x15, 3x10, dropset 1x14/8

Calories 2908
Pro 319
Carbs 193
Fat 71

Rest Day tomorrow.
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