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Originally Posted by AllDay View Post
Does FlashLabs offer payment by any other means than WU? All other domestic board sponsors allow CIM or even PayPal, WU is too much of a hassle and their fees are crazy + you have to pay for the product to be shipped as well. Dyel and Pharmavol have both been solid sources from my experience but their payment methods are much more hassle free....Just saying...for example, I made an order and this is what was sent to me lmao. This shit is confusing as fuck

Wave �� triple check that the
clerk knows the receiver doesn't have �� Test question new york answer : city
again triple check they add it Return with Wu mtcn Amount sent Order Sender
and rec name City state sent from Test question and answer used Shipping
address --

Not saying any of this to be a dick, simply pointing out issues that could help flashlabs with business if they are fixed
email me
__________________ for the auto-list
email to order
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