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Originally Posted by Pharmavol labs View Post
What lab are you talking about bro.
Pharmavol, the lab sold an honorable product, purchased through a friend, I did not know untill arrival the var was of an oral suspension preperation. When I say an honerable product, I mean the raw was var imop.... unmistakably. I think the solution was of quality but verry thick, like heavy vaginal discharge which I have willingly participated in the ingesting of often, so u can see I'm not to picky about what I can stand, lol. But imop, a solid product is more versatile save when the common orals are mixed for IM, injection. Last call me old fashioned but stored in the right conditions a pills last a long time and distilled water is about the only thing I want to drenk a few months after opening. I wish u the best.

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