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Originally Posted by Keiser View Post
Just came back into the country after a month, and first thread I clicked on not about guns or school shootings, has a fucking gun comment right away from our resident gun nut.
go back another 6 months.. you were more likeable not being here. Lol

considering rado owns a firearm it's worth bringing up. most people aren't aware a state level marijuana medical card makes it illegal on the federal level to own a firearm. just thought i'd mention it for anyone that wants to follow the law by the books. it's something that could be enforced in the future if there is a crackdown on firearms with all the shit going on. it's one of those things that could be used against you if the government wished to do so. everyone breaks the law in some way or another but i'm not sure we want to be registering and letting the government know it. that's essentially what this is. registering for a card that gives you access to something that is still federally illegal. considering how easy it is to get quality weed in the US I think i would prefer to get it the way I have always got it if I were rado.
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