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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
go back another 6 months.. you were more likeable not being here. Lol

considering rado owns a firearm it's worth bringing up. most people aren't aware a state level marijuana medical card makes it illegal on the federal level to own a firearm. just thought i'd mention it for anyone that wants to follow the law by the books. it's something that could be enforced in the future if there is a crackdown on firearms with all the shit going on.
Here's a tid bit of a story, thought of you bro when I heard it.

Yesterday I met this family and the husband was diagnosed with PTSD.

told me the govt stripped him of guns and right to bear arms because he was diagnosed with PTSD.

I didnt want to tell him, but I was actually impressed but also shocked that our govt actually took some action.

I see what you're saying bouncer, is ok to own a piece and have a'll be no different of the monies I get from cannabis and put a deposit into my accounts, that is against federal laws, you do know that right?

Guess what? We do it everyday, dispensaries do it day in, day out. Loopholes bro, loopholes!

The feds will never intervene with those who have a card and right to bear arms

You get way too caught up with the system, I know the system 100 folds better than you ever will and why's that?

I've been through it and until you do, you will never understand it but rather talk it like many do and NOT realize how the system really works, it just doesn't....

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