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Originally Posted by Bouncer View Post
i'm not arguing with ya bro. i'm not against weed at all. it's retarded that it's illegal on the federal level.

i'm just saying i'd rather my drug use not be advertised to the government with registration. especially if I owned a firearm and have a previous police record like you mentioned you have.

just looking out bro. i'm not against anything your doing here. i got no issue with weed or gun ownership obviously.
I see your point ....but it is a very strange loophole fucked up system we do have.

It certainly makes you think, is the gov't(generally speaking)really out to protect us as citizens? Or is it about the bottom dollar being spent/gained for them.

It's much easier to see from within, when you've been through the system. You've(not you)experienced the ins and outs, the judges, laws, Leo's, etc....when it's really about one thing.


Look up Pam Bondi and her career....I will text you later my remaining story[emoji6]and why I just mentioned her.

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