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Old 07-13-05, 03:37 AM
Boldenone Suspension formulae.Would this work
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Guys ,
I found this formulae @ .It was posted by Spydie.This formulae is orginial for TNE @ 50 mg / ml.

My question is would it be possible to substitue BNE for the TNE ?

Below is the formulae

Test Suspention for Beginners (easy formula)
Here's the TNE formula the easy way for you guys that aren't that advanced yet.


TNE suspention 50mg/ml
Supplies needed
1 Gram TNE powder
16.45 ml distilled water
1 20ml vial
2 18ga pins with 3ml plungers
1 20ml plunger
2 ml Benzyl Benzoate (10%)
.2 ml Benzyl Alcohol (1%)
.6 ml Polysorbate 80 (3%)***Trust me on this***

1. First off I'm not going to go into steralizing the water and all that jazz since most already know how to do that by heating and cooling rapidly.

2. put 2ml BB and .6ml PS80 into 20ml vial, and add your 1 gram of TNE powder to it.

3. let sit for 15 minutes while swirling lightly (until all clumps are broken up)

4. now shake vial very vigerously and check to make sure all clumps are broken up.

5. add 5ml of your distilled water and shake vigerously to break up any clumps left over, then add the remaining 11.25ml of water.

6. add your .2ml of BA for sterility, cap and seal, Whalah! You're done.

TNE the easy way.



Any input would be great



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Old 07-22-05, 01:19 PM
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OK, first off BB and water should not be mixed, even with the Polysorbate to emulsify it. it can still separte or have other bad things (read turn into junk). I have no idea about the reaction to injecting it, I will check if I ever get free time agin.

the big problem here is that you can not filter the product. If nothing else you should never trust your powder to be clean. and even the water needs to be filtered, dust particles, microscopic junk, or spores will all be prestent in distiled water. It needs to be filtered as well.

The only good plan I have ever seen for doing this in the kitchen is to desolve the powder in a water micsible solvent first, filter it, then add it to some pre filtered distiled water to let it "crash" into a fine supspended powder.
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