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Old 07-25-05, 11:27 PM
Kickstarting my system after the cycle.
Does anybody have an example of what I should do with regards to Tomax / Clomi after a 8-10 week cycle of Testoprim-d and d-bol to get my system back up and running? I have read some posts but could not find anything real specific about daily dosages and durations. Thanks in advance.

Paul :usa:
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Old 07-25-05, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ROCKETW19
i like
2 weeks 100mgs clomid 40mgs nolva
2 weeks 50mgs clomid 20mgs nolva
wait 3 weeks after last injection
there will be 10 different ways to do PCT this is just the one i use
i pretty much like this one that Rocket posted ^^^. But theres different ways of doing pct.

Last time i did my pct, i only used Nolvadex.
80mgs day 1
60mgs for a week
40mgs the following week
20mgs the last week. All went well for me.

Theres alot of good info here man
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