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cAmbrose327 09-10-12 10:34 AM

Any last minute advice for tren and test cycle?
I am few weeks if not days from starting my 6th cycle and second cycle with tren. I wanted to try a new source because of great reviews and felt my last tren source was either underdosed or nil. This cycle I'm running tren a eod 100 mg and test p the same. I'm also throwing in test suspension 50 mg before workouts. I'm also going to have arimadex, hcg, clomid, and nolvadex on hand just in case. My goals for cycle are strength with solid lean muscle gains. Anyone have any suggestions or should I add or change something in my cycle. Thanks brothers.

COLOSSUS 09-10-12 10:40 AM


With 6 cycles I am sure you know what works best for you. If the test/tren combo has worked for you in the past with limited sides (on the tren side) Id say that is a pretty simple and easy stack to stick to.

Curious on your stats and diet though.

Mind posting so that we can get a better idea on how to help you.?

Good luck!

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 11:10 AM

Not sure if same message is going to come up twice, but I am 6' going into cycle at 200lbs and 16% bf . I just started taking t4 a week ago to lose a little more fat before my cycle starts. My ultimate goal is to use this cycle to 30% bulk 70% cut (lean hard muscle) hence the tren. My cycle before this I believe was bad tren because I didn't get the insomnia, night sweats, aggression, etc which is typical for almost all tren users (as I have read). So now I got some reliable gear from a reliable source so know I got some legit tren now. All other cycles have been test, eq, and dbol. Debating if I should add masterone into this cycle towards end to help cut.

COLOSSUS 09-10-12 11:18 AM

With a good good strict diet and cardio routine I dont think you need more than just test and tren but that's MHO. Not sure your future goals. But those two should be sufficient considering tren sides. Dont add mastron. Waste IMO. And even though it's mild it is putting unnecessary stress on your liver.

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 11:21 AM

This is true with the liver. I've heard that tren plays a bad part on endurance so would adding clen to the cycle in your own opinion be beneficial to help with fat loss and endurance for cardio workouts.

COLOSSUS 09-10-12 11:53 AM

There are member here that have TONS loads of more experience in regards to testp/tren ace combo, and im sure they will chime in soon. Ronin you got any experience on tren and test p only cycles brah!?

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 12:16 PM

Are we allowed to mention labs in the forums? I know sources are a no go but wanna see about labs.

COLOSSUS 09-10-12 12:21 PM

Brands are fine.

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 03:12 PM

Ok well new source has the following labs of tren (gen shi, generic pharm, opiox, roid plus) and experience with any of those labs and do you recommend any other labs in which I can do research on?

ROCKETW19 09-10-12 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by cAmbrose327 (Post 641484)
Ok well new source has the following labs of tren (gen shi, generic pharm, opiox, roid plus) and experience with any of those labs and do you recommend any other labs in which I can do research on?

Is the generic pharma actually called GPL or GLP? If so heard of them they are scammers never heard of the others.

yes tren kills cardio but clen wont help it. do you need cardio rigyht now? or just for general purpose?
I would add just a bit more test also to be safe if it is real tren you MIGHT need more MIGHT not. Probably only wanna go 300mgs tren per week also if this is first time with real stuff. that stuff is powerfull.

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 03:46 PM

There called generics pharma they have 2 mil amps tren hex which I know is a risk in itself do the longer ester but a couple legit sources are carrying it. And I just quit smoking so my endurance sucks as it is. Would sus be more appropriate to run with tren hex if I go that route.

ROCKETW19 09-10-12 03:50 PM

sorry bro had to erase that last post, but that is something different than what I thought.
my advise to you thoug is if you found the website anyone can how fuckin safe is that? I wouldnt trust it but that is just me
good luck keep us posted on the tren though I am curious what you think of it.

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 03:53 PM

It's cool will do I have some coming in so I'll keep all posted.

jack tors 09-10-12 06:03 PM

its fine lot of injections
you may want to have prami for prolactin sides from tren

Liquid Prami 60mL 1mg/mL - Prolactin Antagonizers - Ancillaries

cAmbrose327 09-10-12 08:41 PM

Thanks I will definitely look into it. I'm thinking however of switching the prop with sus 2 times a week mon and thurs. tren a eod 100 mg... But I'll pick up that prami just in case.

reconmedic 09-16-12 11:38 PM

I'm not too keen on throwing in clen to help with cardio to offset the tren. Tren does make a guy huff like a lard ass, I don't know why. but clen made me sketch out like crack, never liked it so I never stayed on it long enough to see any noteworthy results.

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