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Old 02-15-17, 02:44 PM
The Story of Jintropin
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In far 1995, young Lee Jin returns to China after long training in USA at the faculty of bioengineering technology. He got a good education, and was the best student at the faculty, now he knows for sure that the future of pharmaceutical industry is in bioengineering technologies. Lee Jin finds his first and the only investor – the government of the People’s Republic of China, he gets unlimited funding, and in 1996 he establishes GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., he becomes its CEO and the owner of 50% of shares. The second half is respectively owned by the state. It was a very good deal for Lee Jin, he managed to convince the Chinese Government that his unique production technology allows producing a very pure product with characteristics very similar to human endogenous growth hormone. In return, he was provided with unlimited funding. The thing is a unique Escherichiacoli bacterium grown by Lee Jin. This bacterium at the very beginning has provided a growth hormone with 191st amino acid, while all other manufacturers had 192 amino acids. They had to get rid of the last amino acid (methionine) with difficulty, and that affected quality. They also had to treat related proteins and metabolic products of the bacteria itself, but this was not the case of Lee Jin’s Escherichia coli bacterium. His bacterium allowed to get the growth hormone in the production process without impurities and side effects. As a result, Lee Jin produced a very high-quality growth hormone named “Jintropin”. A human body does not distinguish it from its own hormone.

The deal with the state was mutually beneficial; government officials realized the potential of development and participated in this project. Jintropin quickly conquers the Chinese domestic market, the plant capacities grow exponentially, and Jintropin reaches the international level. “Eternal youth” – that is how Jintropin is called. Many sports and show business stars administer it; that’s when Hollywood celebrities stop aging and stay in excellent form so far. Yes, Jintropin has become the most popular growth hormone drug. Despite the fact that many Western countries has long produced their own high-quality growth hormone, everyone trying Jintropin never betray this drug, including Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, and other stars of sports and show business.

Black Pages of History

From 2007 to 2010, GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., ceases to produce Jintropin growth hormone because of huge uncontrolled export of the human growth hormone overseas. And in anticipation of the Olympiad in Beijing, the Government of China revokes license from GenSci to avoid scandals, believing that uncontrolled release of the drug can adversely affect the reputation of Chinese athletes, and question fairness of medals won. Correctness of the decision made is still in dispute.

Recent History of Jintropin

Since 2011, release of Jintropin resumes, but the drug release falls under the strictest control of Chinese officials. Now there is an official in every country who controls the drug release. Within three years of the drug absence in the market, Jintropin growth hormone has not lost its popularity, and continues to be the best growth hormone in the world. In Europe and the CIS, the only official representative of the company is the British Europharm, which officially supplies Jintropin to these countries

More information can be found on our website in the article "The Story of Jintropin"

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