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Old 06-06-17, 03:59 PM
Creatine & Anavar Synergy
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Avid mentioned using higher doses of creatine while using anavar because the 2 have some kind of synergy effect.

This peaked my interest and I found a lot of talk on forums about it but not much in terms of studies or literature on the subject. Anyone have any kind of science on this subject?

I found a few things but not much. If anyone finds more real info please post.

I'm not sure if the small article below is unique to just anavar or if all steroids increase the ability to store more creatine.


The basic mechanism of action which increases strength is by the drug's unique ability to stimulate large amounts of creatine storage in your muscle cells. More creatine stored in the muscle, more muscle torque, longer time until fatigue during an intense set; prolonged fatigue accumulation, which enables you to bang out a few more reps toward the end of your intense set. This over time adds up to a stimulus by way of overload. We love overload, it makes us grow! Think of it as a good spotting buddy and a super creatine. A few extra reps at the end of very intense sets and quality strength stimulation.
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Old 06-06-17, 04:19 PM
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Var increases cellular creatine concentrations, which allows for more atp storage in muscle tissue

I'll look for more info too. I have a friend who is running both rite now and loving it. Not sure if Creatine HCI or Mono makes any difference.

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Old 06-13-17, 12:59 AM
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I'm not convinced there is any synergy, however the two work very well on their own, so it's no surprise there is chatter online about them working well together if taken together.
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