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boricuarage79 07-19-17 02:11 AM

Hormone panel
Bout to head to the Doc and get this full panel done...
Injected 3ius 5am this morning IM Delt
Will post results when I get them back

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Bouncer 07-19-17 02:37 AM

Hopefully the numbers they use and how they test in Germany is the same as here otherwise I won't know how to compare the 2.

You GH serum and igf?

boricuarage79 07-19-17 02:39 AM

My appointment was tomorrow.. Got the dates mixed up, but they still drew blood and will have results tomorrow morning...

Test, Estrogen, IGF..

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boricuarage79 07-19-17 04:09 AM

I just hope I get good results.. Pin early in the morning just for the blood work and I feel extremely lethargic at the gym and it was quad day

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