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Bouncer 10-10-16 01:11 PM

1996 German Grand Prix Video
Dorian, Nasser & Dillett

TrapsBrah 10-10-16 03:44 PM

Was Munzer gone alread when this contest happened?

Bouncer 10-10-16 03:54 PM

he died in march of 96 so it may have been the show that killed him. good question.

Mr I 10-10-16 05:20 PM

The posterior chain is insane in the membrane, they have powerful midsections but they suck right in on poses with incredible abs and thigh holds.

Brother D is potentially not the heaviest compared to Dillet and side in I have to say that apart from Dillets orbital upper pecs, Nasser is the thickest.

But this is bodybuilding penultimate 90s phase where you had to have it all so you cannot argue Dorians shape and symetry helped him edge the competition along with that signiture condition that edged tbe others already tight skin. Nassers back depth just wasnt as violent as the Brits.

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