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boricuarage79 02-09-18 03:40 PM

Jennie Roosa 5 year Transformation
Because fuck it ...

Top pic she was in the army

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voneber 02-09-18 03:44 PM

:noo: :noo: :noo:

Bouncer 02-09-18 03:48 PM

Fuck sake

Bouncer 02-09-18 04:20 PM

world needs a reset. up is down and left is right.

Androman 02-09-18 07:44 PM

went from Jennie to Johnnie real quick

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anzel 02-10-18 08:00 PM

Goddamn! I agree with you guys but still that growth is amzing!

Derek Wilson 06-11-18 08:22 AM

Super growth!

BEAST 06-11-18 12:57 PM

And in a few months she’ll be on some news complaining about how steroids fucked her up. Lol

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