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flashlabs 03-07-18 08:56 AM

Hey guys please post your reviews for flash!!!

Bouncer 03-07-18 11:16 AM

I've only used your deca but it was top notch. quality of product and shipping was as good as it gets.

Oppositeofless 03-08-18 10:33 AM

Great Quality! Not only from me, but from my close friends as well. No soreness, clean products, great packaging, super fast shipping and the sauce works quickly! Will be a life time customer!

Hollywood52 03-08-18 12:33 PM

Ive used most of the supps on this board and don't get me wrong there are some good ones but Flash is the best so far in my opinion. I have seen some great gains as well. Taking his sust, tren, and avar. Still have deca and test cyp and androl to run. His service is top notch too. Cant go wrong.

epix00 03-15-18 10:52 AM

Getting ready to do my bloods soon from the sample I am running. Just wanted to keep everyone posted.

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