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Old 10-13-17, 12:24 AM
URGENT: My health conundrum. (Seeking advice from experienced person)
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Could I get advice? I will only take it as advice of course, but much appreciate it. I am considering taking testosterone in Low doses for a first cycle.

I am a young man, everybody seems to complement my physique from which I acquired from martial arts growing up.

(1) I am pretty slim lean and muscular and would like to try go on some sort of a steroid cycle that will not give me that BULKY look, I have been considering trenbolone but wish to try the testosterone first. The main reason I would like to try testosterone is because I have a loss of sex drive which occurred a couple of years ago after trying herbal testosterone boosters such as tongkat Ali, of which I never tried again.

(2) I have mostly considered just trying post cycle therapy instead of steroid cycles themselves, is this a good idea? To get my hypo pituitary axis back in sync? Or is it too late now that I have left it for years? The natural herbal supplements did boost my sex drive and by the look of it gains as well while I was taking them for that short time.

(3) Could the natural herbal supplements that I took for a short period of time a couple of years ago boost so much testosterone in my body that it has affected my receptors or leydig cells to the point that I would need significantly more testosterone than normal to actually feel the effects of testosterone on my sex drive? Because as soon as I stopped taking the supplements I lost my sex drive completely and immediately. I currently see many endocrine doctors on a frequent basis for the past couple of years over this issue. I repeatedly got tested to find out what my testosterone levels are and of course other hormone levels such as prolactin, estrogene, dhea, Lh and fsh. Apparently my testosterone is above average and there is no problem with any of my other hormone levels, yet I still have chronic fatigue and no sex drive at all. The doctors can offer no help. So I have finally came to the conclusion that I will be doing a cycle or just a post cycle treatment to get treated.

(4) Do you recommend a testosterone with a longer Ester or a shorter ester for me for my first time? (5) After I go through my cycle and my post cycle treatment, will I lose my gains even if I continue to train at the same high level of intensity and frequency? And if so how long will I keep my gains approximately? I have a love for the aesthetic side of exercise so if I do go ahead with a cycle which I plan on doing I can possibly kill two birds with one stone in that case. I know I have asked a lot of questions, I really hope you can help or point me in the right direction, any advice would be much appreciated thank you very much, and all the best.
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Old 10-13-17, 08:49 AM
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i answered your question in the other thread, please dont make multiple threads of the same thing.
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