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rado 11-18-17 01:03 AM

Lab max test on Pharmavol Labs-pass
My video is below from my channel

Reacted quick and with the appropriate colors and within it's timing, good job fellas. We shall see how my body loves it[emoji16]

Solid for sure! Check link below here to see an example if needed:

Bouncer 11-18-17 01:16 AM

Good shit rado

Pharmavol labs 11-18-17 01:17 AM

thank you!!!!!

Pharmavol labs 11-18-17 01:38 AM

this is just mast correct

Arsenal 11-18-17 03:58 PM

Thanks again Rado

rado 11-18-17 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by Pharmavol labs (Post 787851)
this is just mast correct

Correct...i didn't do the prop because first of all, I need to get more Kit a and second, I highly doubt it is NOT prop[emoji4][emoji16]

rado 11-18-17 04:10 PM

This test was on mast prop...

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