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AllDay 11-20-17 05:04 PM

Great Job Pharmavol
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Placed an order last Wed and itís in my hands today. Amazing response time, great customer service, and payment Walmart to Walmart was painless. Hopefully the gear will be of the same quality!

Pharmavol labs 11-20-17 05:07 PM

thank you for you review brother i appreciate it you will love the gear!!

Pharmavol labs 12-05-17 09:29 PM

Lol why the hell are these on mine!

Bouncer 12-05-17 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by Pharmavol labs (Post 789659)
Lol why the hell are these on mine!

dont respond to spam bro. makes it harder for me to find and delete when i hit the new posts button. just let the spammer have the last post and its easier for me to delete. it may take a few hours or over night but i will eventually find and delete all spam.

Pharmavol labs 12-06-17 01:27 PM

Thanks bro sorry about that.

Pharmavol labs 12-08-17 01:30 AM

All day let us know how the cycles going brother

rado 12-22-17 07:00 AM a log or something

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