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Pharmavol labs 12-14-17 08:31 PM

Mct vs gso
Ok guys I want to know your take on both of these oils witch one do you prefer I made a small batch with mct just to see and it looks great it's smooth as well if you could chose one witch one would it be.or does it really matter?

rado 12-14-17 08:37 PM

I've never had an issue or a preference.

I'd rather have legit gear before I have a smooth pin, of nada��

AvidFisherman 12-14-17 09:42 PM

From my experience the mtc oil has been thinner than the gso I have used so I can use a smaller gauge needle.

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Androman 12-14-17 09:49 PM

Yea I donít really care about the oil either but Iíve heard MCT can hold higher concentrations

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Pharmavol labs 12-15-17 12:27 AM

I'm planning on doing it for the test 400 and a few of the blends is why.ok so sounds like most don't really care A iu this I was just wondering like I said I wil be doing it for the test 400 and few of the blends

RThoads 01-11-18 04:37 PM

I like MCT because it allow for a smaller gauge pin

Skull 01-19-18 04:14 AM

Im with @RThoads on this one. MCT is thinner an flows much smoother through my 25g pins....

Pharmavol labs 01-20-18 01:48 AM

skull RT whats up guys im glad you guys came over here!....ya was thinking I did a batch of cyp wit mct it is way smoother im putting together votes to see bc iv had a few wanting graspseed but I feel like those are the vets and even the old school guys you know

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