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Buckeyefitness 02-01-18 05:52 PM

First order received
Received my first order today very well sealed up and packaged. 2 Test 300 and 2 deca well post bloodwork and a few weeks thanks again pharmavol

rado 02-01-18 06:41 PM

Pics....always good to see some nice gear pics

Buckeyefitness 02-01-18 06:53 PM

Will do how’s the PIP saw it made w grape seed ?

rado 02-01-18 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by Buckeyefitness (Post 795670)
Will do how’s the PIP saw it made w grape seed ?

None...I've got a log on their stuff

Buckeyefitness 02-01-18 07:49 PM

And where is that log

Pharmavol labs 02-01-18 10:42 PM

It's under my thread bro it's says 12 week log for pharmavol

Pharmavol labs 02-01-18 10:43 PM

And thanks for your order bro please post up some pix!

Buckeyefitness 02-03-18 07:34 PM

Tried to upload pic it’s not letting me for some odd reason?

Bouncer 02-03-18 07:49 PM

upload to and post the link

Buckeyefitness 02-14-18 10:47 AM

Week 3 on Test 300 and Deca 250. Temper is starting to get little shorter with things so def starting to kick in. Will get blood work done in a few weeks

Pharmavol labs 02-14-18 05:29 PM

Thanks brother!

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