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Pharmavol labs 02-05-18 06:03 PM

Sorry I hade to do it to you guys!!
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Ok so I've been super busy playing around with liquid orals I know I said I wouldn't do this to you but hear me out it taste amazing! And it's dosed pefectly! Shake and your good! This is the only way I can catch up and keep orals in stock. I would like a few testers just for the oral for potency and tast bc there is no grain alcohol in it

Pharmavol labs 02-05-18 08:26 PM

ill post a few pix of the new lables still getting new labels in should be here this week

Pharmavol labs 02-07-18 07:37 PM

Hey guys the taste is amazing!! I sent a few out today get some feed back on em soon!!

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