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Pharmavol labs 03-08-18 02:16 PM

****New add ons **** 50ml vile
New add ons.... will be in stock by monday!

SUPERDROL 10mgx50ml in stock now $37
PROVIRON 25mgx50ml in stock $35

Npp 100mg ml
Test no ester in oil 100mg/ml
Tren no ester in oil 50mg/ml

50ml viles email me for prices

Test prop 100mg
Test suspension 100mg
Test cyp 250mg/ml
Test enth 250mg/ml

Buckeyefitness 03-08-18 08:29 PM

50ml vials holy shit I think I just got a hard on ����

Pharmavol labs 03-09-18 12:49 PM

ive gotten a lot of request for bigger bottles so ill give it a try I can do it for other hormones but need to let me know in advance!

eduardo 03-11-18 08:30 PM

Wow 50 ml vials...awesome

Pharmavol labs 03-13-18 06:04 PM

who dosent like 50ml jugs!!!

ill post dome pix of em

Pharmavol labs 04-21-18 11:29 PM

bold cyp 200mg/ml $28 in stock! ill put it on list if there is no pip so ill let you guys no

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