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Pushtoday 12-10-16 06:32 PM

Push's Cycle Log
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Push's Cycle Log

Plan is Lean Bulk
I would like to add some lean muscle without getting fluffy.

Cycle is:
EP Test C or E 500mg a week ( have both on hand )
EP Deca 400mg a week
EP Boldenone 500 a week
Running all PSL products.

First pin was Nov. 4th
I'm sure the cycle will change slightly (it almost always does with me) maybe add in an oral, proviron, or switch compounds.

Stats: 5'6" 170lbs mid 40s

Macros goals are:
4000 Calories
300 Pro
500 Carbs
80 Fat (usually ends up closer to 100)

From my log you can expect:
Almost daily updates on macros and training.
Pics of food, bathroom selfies, and some random babbling and bitching.

Pushtoday 12-10-16 06:34 PM

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Leg Day today.
Lying leg curls 1x15, 3x12
Hack squats 1x20, 1x15, 3x10, dropset 1x10/10/10
Leg press 1x30, 1x25, 1x15, 3x12, dropset 1x15/15/15/30
Smith squats 4x8
Machine calf raises 5x12
Seated calf raises (rest pause) 1x15/10, 3x12/10, 1x15/10
Leg extensions dropsets 1x15/10, 1x12/10, 1x11/10, 1x11/9

Calories 4067
Pro 281
Carbs 427
Fat 106

TrapsBrah 12-10-16 07:23 PM

Why eq and deca in the same cycle?

Pushtoday 12-11-16 03:22 AM


Originally Posted by TrapsBrah (Post 753093)
Why eq and deca in the same cycle?

It was recommended by DarkBeast to run lower doses of both as opposed to a high dose of either. Hopefully reduce any sides and still be able to reap the benefits of each one.

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Pushtoday 12-11-16 09:25 PM

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Quick Shoulder session in the garage after work before tree decorating with the family.
I did 6 exercises x 100 reps.
Did them in kind of rest pause fashion, as many reps as possible / rest 15-20 secs then repeat until I reached 100 reps.
Seated rear delt flyes 100
Seated shoulder press 100
Seated front raises 100
Standing side laterals 100
Upright rows 100
Bent over rear flyes 100

Calories 4020
Pro 341
Carbs 394
Fat 95

Pushtoday 12-13-16 09:49 PM

Monday was ArmDay in the garage before work.
BW dips 4x15
Close grip 1x10, 1x8, 5x6, dropsets 1x4/6, 1x7/10
Alt DB curls 1x10, 1x8, 5x6, dropsets 1x9/9, 1x9/9
Seated French press 1x20, 3x12, 1x15
Ez bar curls wide 1x15, 3x10, 1x20
Superset: DB skullcrushers w/ seated hammer curls 1x12/10, 1x15/10, 1x20/12

Got home late from work, slept for 4 hours then back to work this morning.
Came home tonight, ate, changed clothes then off to the High School Basketball Game.

Yesterday's Macros:
Calories 3812
Pro 307
Carbs 396
Fat 78

Calories 3919
Pro 276
Carbs 402
Fat 102

Tomorrow is Chest Day

Macedog24 12-14-16 08:41 PM

Push is the man. Busy busy busy.. Push you are everywhere my friend. Doing it all.nice session you had. How was the basketball game.

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Pushtoday 12-14-16 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by Macedog24 (Post 753259)
Push is the man. Busy busy busy.. Push you are everywhere my friend. Doing it all.nice session you had. How was the basketball game.

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Thanks Mace, you know as well as I do that no matter what life throws at you, you have to keep pushing forward. [emoji1306]
Basketball was good for JV and bad for Varsity.
But either way fun to watch. [emoji459]

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Pushtoday 12-14-16 09:12 PM

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Chest Day!
Went a little heavier today, and focused on controlled reps.

Pec dec 4x12
HS incline press 1x15, 2x10, 5x5, dropsets 1x7/10, 1x10/12
Cable flyes 1x20, 1x15, 3x12
Machine chest press 1x12, 4x10, dropset 1x8/8/10
DB slight incline press 4x12

Ate pretty good today.
Calories 4024
Pro 270
Carbs 460
Fat 88

No work today.
Went to the gym, picked up my kids (half school day).
Took them Christmas shopping for their mother.
Got a haircut, now watching the Celtics / Spurs game.
Plan is to get Back session in before work tomorrow.
Pic is from tonight pre haircut. (cold-no pump)

Bouncer 12-14-16 09:26 PM

look great brother

rado 12-15-16 04:06 AM

Good thread and looking solid man, keep it up.

Pushtoday 12-15-16 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by Bouncer (Post 753268)
look great brother


Originally Posted by rado (Post 753271)
Good thread and looking solid man, keep it up.

Thanks brothers, It's a work in progress.

Pushtoday 12-15-16 11:26 PM

Back day in the garage before work.
BW pullups 5x12
DB low row 1x15, 3x10, 1x15
DB high row 1x12, 3x8-10
Underhand bar row 4x15
DB shrugs dropsets 4x12/10
Upright row 4x12

Calories 4207
Pro 290
Carbs 482
Fat 92

Worked late tonight and back at it tomorrow morning, probably a rest day tomorrow.

Pushtoday 12-16-16 10:39 PM

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Got a little shoulder session in after work.
Seated rear flyes 1x25, 4x20
Seated DB shoulder press 2x8, 10x6
Seated side laterals 4x15
Seated front raises 4x12
Bent over rear flyes 4x15

Decent food day today.
Calories 3804
Pro 262
Carbs 436
Fat 78

Dinner/post workout meal.
6 oz. Beef Fajita Meat
9oz. Steak Fries
1/2 Cup Broccoli
1/4 cup Shredded Cheese
Cals 715, Pro 47, Carbs 71, Fat 24

Pushtoday 12-17-16 06:59 PM

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Leg Day today.
Not much time but still something in.
Lying leg curls 1x20, 1x15, 3x10
Leg extensions 1x17, 1x15, 3x10
Smith squats 1x12, 1x10, 4x8, 1x12, 1x15
Machine calf raises 5x15
Seated leg curls 1x20, 2x10, 1x18

If you're gonna it right!

Macedog24 12-17-16 10:46 PM

you are the real deal push! please , don't be afraid to teach us your secrets. pizza and donuts. groovy baby!

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Pushtoday 12-18-16 09:13 PM

Back Day after work.
BW pullups 4x12
Tbar row wide grip 1x15, 1x12, 1x8, 4x6, dropset 1x5/7/15
Machine pulldowns 1x12, 4x7, dropset 1x9/8/15
HS iso low row 1x20, 4x10
HS iso high row 1x15, 4x10
Superset: low cable row w/ cable pulldowns 4x10/10
Superset: HS seated shrug w/ HS standing shrug 5x10/10

Calories 3888
Pro 240
Carbs 424
Fat 101

Calories 3546
Pro 285
Carbs 328
Fat 87

Chest tomorrow a.m.

Pushtoday 12-19-16 07:47 PM

Chest Day.
Cable flyes 1x15, 3x10, 1x20
Flat bench 135 lbs.x 39 in 1 minute
HS incline 1x12, 4x4-5, 2x10
Pec dec 1x12, 3x8
Machine chest press 1x15, 3x12, dropset 1x7/6/6/12
Slight incline DB hex press 1x25, 3x12

Calories 4682
Pro 249
Carbs 484
Fat 161

Went to Chili's for lunch.
I had the Ultimate Bacon Burger and Fries (cals 1440, pro 58, carbs 117, fat 84)

Arm day tomorrow after work in the garage.

Pushtoday 12-21-16 07:41 PM

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Yesterday:Arm Day
BW dips 4x15
Alt DB curls 4x10
Superset: seated French press w/ EZ curl wide 4x20/15
Superset: seated hammer curls w/ DB skullcrushers 4x15/15
Weighted dips (rest pause) 1x15/10 (drop set) 1x12/12
Alt DB curls (rest pause) 1x10/6 (drop set) 1x8/10

Calories 3962
Pro 273
Carbs 407
Fat 119

Today:Leg Day.
Lying leg curls 3x15, dropset 1x10/10
Smith squats 1x15, 1x12, 4x8, dropset 1x12/8
Leg press 3x20, 4x12, dropset 1x14/10/10/10/20
Seated calf raises 1x20, 3x15, dropset 1x15/10/10
Leg extensions 1x15, 3x12

Calories 3755
Pro 244
Carbs 370
Fat 109

Tomorrow will be Back Day.

cybrsage 12-22-16 11:08 AM

Awesome log!

Pushtoday 12-22-16 04:53 PM

Back Day
Cable rope lat pullovers 1x15, 3x12
Neutral handles pulldowns 4x12
HS iso lat row 1x15, 3x12
HS iso lat high row 1x12, 3x10
HS iso low row 1x15, 3x10
HS seated shrugs 3x15, 1x20
Machine rear flyes 4x10
Machine shoulder press 1x20, 3x12
Machine lateral raise 1x20, 3x12
Superset: seated front raises w/ bent over rear flyes 3x15/15
HS standing shrugs 1x20, 3x15

Hit Back and Shoulders today.
Next two days will be long ass days at work so i won't be able to train.

Pushtoday 12-23-16 09:06 PM

No training today.
And no training tomorrow, work first then Christmas Eve with the family.
Calories 3752
Pro 209
Carbs 440
Fat 102

Pushtoday 12-25-16 02:11 PM

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Yesterday was work all day straight to Christmas Eve Dinner with Family.
    Yesterday's Calories 4025
    Pro 255
    Carbs 656
    Fat 135

    Today I got a Chest Session in my garage after presents.
    Superset: slight incline DB flyes w/ DB hex press 4x10/10
    Flat bench 2x10, 4x6, 3x3, 4x5-6, 2x8
    Wide grip bench press 4x12
    DB incline press 4x12

    Tomorrow is arms after work.
    I got some sleeves for Christmas.

Pushtoday 12-26-16 09:21 PM

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Quick Arm Session in the garage after work.
Super sets:
BW dips w/ alt db curls 3x15/15
DB skullcrushers w/ standing hammer curls 3x12/10
1 arm DB overhead ext. w/ ez bar curls 3x12/10
Weighted dips w/ alt DB curls 3x10/8

Calories 3743
Pro 250
Carbs 364
Fat 115

Tomorrow is legs.

Pushtoday 12-27-16 09:10 PM

Leg Day.
Lying leg curls drop sets 3x10/10
Hack squat 1x20, 1x15, 3x8, 1x20, 1x20
Seated calf raises 4x15-20
Leg press 1x25, 1x20, 4x15, drop set 1x20/12/20
Seated leg curls 1x20, 3x15
Leg extensions 3x12, 1x20
Seated calf raises rest pause 1x15/10, 1x12/8
Machine calf raises drop sets 4x8/8

Calories 4108
Pro 264
Carbs 403
Fat 133

Back Day tomorrow.

Pushtoday 12-28-16 01:56 PM

Back done and got some shoulders in also.
BW pullups 4x12
Tbar row neutral grip 1x15, 1x10, 4x8, 1x12, 1x15
Wide grip pulldowns 1x12, 3x10
HS ISO lateral row 4x12
HS ISO high row 4x10
HS ISO low row 4x10
DB shrugs 1x15, 3x12, 1x18
Machine shoulder press 1x20, 3x12
Seated DB flyes 4x15
Seated DB front raises 4x12
Bent over rear DB flyes 4x20

I have 2287 calories in right now, but going out for an early dinner with the wife so the calories should go way up!
Arms or Chest tomorrow after work.

Pushtoday 12-28-16 06:06 PM

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Ended up at Applebee's.
I had the All Day Brunch Burger ( Seared In: bacon & onion Piled on: fried egg,* crispy hash browns, American cheese and ketchup )w/ Sweet Potato Fries
We started with the Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Meal Macros
Calories 1835
Pro 66
Carbs 129
Fat 118

rado 12-29-16 08:22 AM

good stuff man, gotta have them fries though lol.. those days where you just eat wtf ever comes to mind:D

Looking solid though!

Pushtoday 12-29-16 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by rado (Post 753993)
good stuff man, gotta have them fries though lol.. those days where you just eat wtf ever comes to mind:D

Looking solid though!

Thanks brother, If I'm having a burger I'm gonna have some kind of fries! It's mandatory I think....:grin:

Pushtoday 12-29-16 08:34 PM

Chest Day in the garage after work.
Incline bench 1x15, 3x10, 3x2, 3x10, 1x15
Wide grip bench press 3x12, 3x6, 1x20
Flat DB press 4x12
DB hex press slight incline 3x12

Calories 4122
Pro 308
Carbs 427
Fat 113

Arm Day tomorrow after work.

Pushtoday 12-30-16 09:28 PM

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Hit arms in the garage after work tonight.
Super sets:

Alt DB curls w/ DB skull crushers 4x15/15
DB preacher curls w/ kickbacks 4x15/15
Standing hammer curls w/ barbell skull crushes 4x12/12
Ez bar curls w/ seated french press 3x20/25

Calories 3494
Pro 290
Carbs 343
Fat 83

Here is a pic of a boring meal.
6oz Ground Turkey, 3/4 cup mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup broccoli.

Pushtoday 12-31-16 07:30 PM

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Happy New Year!
Leg Day
Lying leg curls 1x15, 3x12
Smith squats 1x12, 1x12, 4x10, 1x12, 1x12
Leg press 1x20, 1x20, 1x15, 3x12, 1x15, 1x25, 1x25
Seated calf raises 1x20, 1x15, 3x12
Machine calf raises 4x12, 1x20
Leg extensions 4x15
Seated leg curls 3x15

Today was good.
Solid gym session.
This afternoon played golf with the old man and my two youngest.
Got about 14 holes in before it got dark.
Then home for Brats, baked beans, and fresh rolls.
Now Clemson vs. Ohio State.

Calories 3621
Pro 251
Carbs 358
Fat 102

These numbers could go up depending on how late I stay up.

Pic is Preworkout, Aminos, Protein and creatine, and Pop Tarts. My gym stack.

Pushtoday 01-01-17 11:19 PM

Quick session in the garage before work.
BW pullups 4x10
DB low row 1x12, 3x10, 1x15
DB high row 4x12
DB shrugs w/ upright row 4x20/10

Calories 3548
Pro 261
Carbs 386
Fat 81

Rest day tomorrow.

Pushtoday 01-02-17 08:11 PM

No training today.
Probably none tomorrow either, work early then basketball game.

Calories 3547
Pro 262
Carbs 379
Fat 88

Pushtoday 01-03-17 10:33 PM

No training today, Work then High School Basketball game.
Tomorrow will be chest day at the gym.

Calories 4156
Pro 304
Carbs 410
Fat 124

Currently running Deca 500/week, Eq 500/week, And Test E just bumped to 750/week.

Pushtoday 01-04-17 11:57 AM

Chest session done.
Pec dec 4x10
Smith incline 2x15, 2x12, 4x4, 2x8
Standing Cable flyes 1x15, 3x12
Slight incline DB press 3x10, 1x15
HS ISO wide press 1x20, 3x12, drop set 1x8/10/15

PWO meal/lunch
8oz. Beef Meatloaf
1 Cup Jasmine Rice
1/2 Cup Baked Beans
Calories 818
Pro 51, Carbs 100, Fat 22

Pushtoday 01-04-17 08:06 PM

Total Calories today 4000
Pro 262
Carbs 452
Fat 100
Going to try to hit arms after work tomorrow.

Pushtoday 01-05-17 08:31 PM

Leg day in the garage after work tonight.
Lying leg curls 1x15, 3x10, drop set 1x8/10/12
Squats 3x12, 3x10, 1x12, 1x15
Front squats 4x12
Leg extensions 4x15

Calories 3894
Pro 293
Carbs 466
Fat 78

Ate relatively clean today.
Arms tomorrow after work.

Pushtoday 01-06-17 09:25 PM

Arm Day in the garage after work.
Alt DB curls w/ BW dips 3x12/12 nonstop
Alt DB curls 3x10
DB preacher curls 3x10-12
Standing hammer curls 3x8, drop set 1x8/10
Weighted dips w/ close grip press 3x12/12
Incline DB skullcrushers 3x12
DB kickbacks 3x10

Calories 3542
Pro 263
Carbs 405
Fat 88

Shoulders and maybe calves tomorrow.

Pushtoday 01-07-17 08:13 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Shoulders and Calves today.
Machine rear flyes 1x15, 3x12
Machine shoulder press neutral grip 1x20, 3x12
Seated DB shoulder press 4x8
Seated side laterals 4x15
Seated front raises 4x12
Bent over rear DB flyes 4x20
Seated calf raises 4x20, 3x15
Machine calf raises 1x10, 1x10, 1x14, 1x15, 1x16, 1x18

Calories 4072
Pro 277
Carbs 499
Fat 77

Weight was 174 at the gym today.
Maybe hit back tomorrow after work.
Bought some dextrose and whole oat powder (15lbs)

Pushtoday 01-08-17 09:04 PM

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Back day in an empty gym after work.
Cable rope "pullovers" 4x12
Cable wide grip pulldowns 3x10
Cable rows neutral grip 3x10
HS ISO high row 3x10, 1x15
HS ISO low row 3x12, 1x17
HS standing shrugs rest pause 4x15/10

Calories 3565
Pro 298
Carbs 360
Fat 84

cybrsage 01-09-17 09:08 AM

Empty Gyms are NICE!!

Pushtoday 01-10-17 10:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Yesterday Chest Session in the garage before work.
Incline DB press 5x15
Slight incline DB press 5x15
Slight incline DB hex press 3x20
Slight incline DB flyes 4x12

Calories 3675
Pro 263
Carbs 391
Fat 97

Today Rest Day
Calories 3424
Pro 247
Carbs 358
Fat 94

Legs Tomorrow

Pushtoday 01-11-17 07:25 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Leg Day at the gym.
Lying single leg curls 4x10
Smith squats 1x12, 1x12, 3x10, drop set 1x10/10
Hack squats 4x10
Seated calf raises rest pause 3x15/10
Leg press 2x20, 3x15, 1x25
Leg extensions 1x15, 3x12, dropset 1x8/6/5/5
Machine calf raises 1x15, 1x12, 1x10, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12, 1x18

Calories 4292
Pro 246
Carbs 480
Fat 113

Arms or maybe Shoulders tomorrow after work.
Today's PWO meal, had with green beans.

Pushtoday 01-12-17 10:01 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Quick shoulder session in the garage tonight.
Seated DB shoulder press 3x12, 4x8, 2x12
Standing side laterals 4x10
Seated rear flyes 4x15
Seated front raises 4x10

Calories 3734
Pro 268
Carbs 386
Fat 93

Back day tomorrow a.m.

Pic is of a Brookie (brownie/cookie).

Pushtoday 01-13-17 01:25 PM

3 Attachment(s)

Back Session done.
Cable rope "pullover" 1x15, 3x10, 1x12
Cable wide pulldowns 4x10
Cable low row neutral 1x15, 3x10, 1x14
HS ISO low row 1x12, 1x10, 4x8-10, 1x20
HS ISO high row 1x20, 3x8-10, 1x15, 1x20
HS standing shrugs 3x15, 1x20
DB shrugs 2x15, 3x12

Flex Friday Pics

Pushtoday 01-13-17 06:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Today's Calories 4051
Pro 241
Carbs 434
Fat 108

Arms tomorrow after work.

Pushtoday 01-14-17 09:16 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Arm Day in the garage after work.
Superset: BW dips w/ Alt DB curls 3x15/15 nonstop
Close grip bench 1x12, 1x10, 5x5, 1x14
Weighted dips 4x10
Incline DB skullcrushers 4x10-12
Alt DB curls 3x12, 3x6
Seated hammer curls 4x10
DB preacher curls 4x12

Calories 4460
Pro 307
Carbs 491
Fat 115

Leg day tomorrow a.m.

Pushtoday 01-15-17 02:21 PM

Legs session done.
Seated leg curls 2x15, 3x12
Hack squats 1x15, 1x12, 4x10, drop set 1x15/15
Seated calf raises 5x15
Leg press 3x15, 3x10, dropset 1x15/12/15
Standing smith calf raises 5x10
Leg extensions 4x15, dropset 1x12/6/8

Ate some lunch, golf with the 2 youngest.
Now some rest, football, and feeding.
Taking the wife out tonight for our anniversary.

Pushtoday 01-16-17 02:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Yesterday's Calories 4500
Pro 306
Carbs 437
Fat 131

Today was Chest.
Cable flyes 1x15, 3x10
Slight incline DB press 2x12, 3x8, 4x8, dropset 1x12/10
HS ISO incline press 3x12, 1x15, 1x25
Machine chest press 3x12, dropset 1x8/8/12
Pec dec 4x10

Pic of last night's dinner at the theatre.

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