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Old 08-24-17, 07:25 PM
Why I'm loyal to PSL
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If you're like me you have certain places and brands that you are loyal to. Places that treat you right, and don't let you down, and if they do they make it right. For instance I have a barber that I use regularly, when asked who cuts my hair I recommend him. I have a mechanic that I take my cars to, If asked I recommend him. I have a couple of local restaurants that I go to when I eat out, and if asked I recommend them. etc. etc...

As most of you know by now I am loyal to PSL. I have used other brands but after trying PSL and being completely satisfied time after time they are my go to.

Here are a few reasons why:

1.) Customer Service:
I can always reach out to a rep or their customer service team, and I know that they will get back to me with an answer in a timely manner. If I have a question about product availability, an issue or question about my order, or if I just need some cycle advice.

2.) Product quality:
I have seen good results from PSL products and have also found out that some of their products are not for me. (anadrol)
The fact that their vials are completely clear, the stamped/printed labels, plus I am able to view the contents easily helps set my mind at ease.
PSL has blood work posted and labmax tests performed on many of their products, with solid results.

3.) Professional Shipping:
My packs always arrive in a reasonable time frame (I use international exclusively).
They are always safely and securely packed, I don't have to worry about clanging or breaking.
And I know that if for some reason it doesn't arrive (which has not happened), that it will be reshipped.

4.) Reputation:
PSL has a great reputation an numerous boards with many other loyal customers and TDs to back them.
There is zero concern of ever being scammed with PSL.

5.) Product Variety:
PSL has at least 5 different esters of test to choose from.
They have a huge selection of oils from boldenone to trestolone and almost everything in between.
PSL offers a large selection of peptides, and several gh choices as well.
The variety of orals, PCT meds, AIs, Fat burners, and "mens health" supplements is top notch.
On top of all of that PSL also offers many Pharm Grade products such as cabaser, omnadren and semax to name a few.

6.) Sales and Pricing:
PSL runs several sales a year, and if you take advantage of them you can save big.
They have awesome combo deals that combine products at a discount. (eg."mix and match")

So if you need a good barber, mechanic, or place to eat hit me up and i will give you a good recommendation.
But if you want to know who I would recommend for quality supplements.....just read above.


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