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Old 08-02-16, 02:49 PM
IFBB Bikini Division Or Porn?
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IFBB Bikini Division Or Porn?

by Matt Weik

Sex sells, no doubt. As a guy, I like the look of a female who is in shape and takes care of her body. There’s something hot about a female who puts in the time to stay lean year round and makes healthy choices. But is there a line drawn in the sand where industries aren’t supposed to cross? For instance, should a fitness competitor (let’s just say, bikini competitor) be able to do porn and compete? Or is there some kind of unwritten rule that those kinds of “behaviors” on camera are frowned upon in the fitness industry? I suppose history deems there aren’t any issues.

Judging bikini and questionable actions
If you look at the bikini division these days, they might as well just walk out there naked. I’m serious. I’m not exactly sure what the judges are looking at. Some of the poses shown on stage are similar to what you’d see in a XXX adult film. Exactly how can the judges give a score to a competitor and what exactly are they basing it off of? While many of the girls on stage do indeed push themselves in the gym, there are others that truly look like they’ve never picked up a weight in their life, are blessed with the “thin gene” and have fake tits (and some even a fake ass). Sure, they look good on stage, going back to and validating the statement that sex sells.

What’s the point of the bikini division if all the girls for the most part look the same and are belittling themselves to a degree? Are they ok with a back pose that they have to stick their ass out as if to allow the judges to look up their uterus (I know some of the women have an issue with that particular pose)? And how many competitors in the pro ranks do you see winning shows with natural boobs? I’ll sit here and wait. Can’t think of any? So what does this show for the bikini division? Well, if you’re reading between the lines it would say that you have to have a boob job in order to place well in a show.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that some female competitors are engaged in some “extracurricular activities” with certain trainers, promoters, and judges. That said, should some personal choices have consequences in the industry? For instance, if your girlfriend or wife was in porn to make some extra dough for taking a shot in the mouth, do you think her normal 9-5 employer would sit there and be ok with it? My guess is probably not. Is cause for termination? Honestly, I’m not sure the answer to that but I’m thinking there would be discrimination of some sort if that were the case (unless you held a position such as a school teacher).

But in the case of the fitness industry, does having your hands in porn (or blowing someone in a powerful position within the fitness industry) get you better placings in shows? And why are more ladies not talking about what goes on behind the scenes? Unless this behavior is more rampant in the industry than even I am aware of?

There have been some “scandals” (I guess you can call them), where a bikini competitor was winning shows for “wearing knee pads”. If you’re not following along, I’m not sure how graphic we can make this article. If you’re in the industry, you know about things that have happened over the years and which trainers/promoters/judges are on the list. Some whistleblowers have even made public statements about some of these individuals who are abusing their power. Personally, I’d like to see the sport cleaned up. These types of behaviors should not take place and the fact that some female competitors would degrade themselves to the point of fulfilling sexual favors for better placings is despicable.

Change in industries
Data backs the statistic that several female fitness competitors have went from the stage (fitness industry) to the bed. In the same breath, we even had some male competitors who have gone back and forth—one of which prior to getting into the fitness industry was known for making sweet love to a grapefruit for money (we all know who that guy is).

Let’s not put all the focus on women in this article. There are plenty of men in the industry who have done gay-for-pay (G4P) gigs for extra cash. I get it, competing in this industry is a lot of money. And making ends meet isn’t easy when you don’t make a lot of money from the sport unless you’re a top competitor in the world. But again we go back to when are actions considered acceptable in the fitness industry? If some dude wants to push in the stool of another dude (read between the lines with that statement) that’s cool. But I don’t believe those types of actions should be brought into the fitness industry. It’s not a homophobic type of statement as I’m sure there are gay men who compete, and that’s totally cool—more power to them. The issue I’m trying to get at is the choice to enter into the porn industry and take part in scripted “scenes” whether male or female, should be considered.

What image does the fitness industry want to portray? Is that why the grapefruit banger has never won the Olympia? Because the powers that be don’t feel that his image and his past would represent the industry and organization in a positive light? That he wouldn’t be a good ambassador even though he has one of the largest followings? Then why allow others who have made similar poor choices (and still do) to continue competing when their reputation isn’t exactly what we would call “ideal”?

It’s safe to say that if a female competitor left the fitness industry for porn that she would do fairly well. Unless you’re a “chubby-chaser” the look of a female in the fitness industry is ideal in most men’s eyes, therefore more than likely moving up the ranks as a favorite personality in the porn industry. For majority of the women who left the fitness industry for porn are definitely making a better living than they did on stage—there is no comparison in terms of money unless you are a top competitor winning Arnold’s and Olympia’s. It’s a lifestyle change for sure, but who are we to throw stones about someone’s personal career path.

Where does that leave us with this article? I guess we all just need to be free-thinkers and form our own opinion of what’s right and what’s wrong. Things that we believe are taking away from the legitimacy of the sport due to some poorly accepted actions of individuals (both competitors and those associated with organizations). For me personally, I’d like to see the sport cleaned up. If you want to be in porn, cool, go for it. But stay there. And in terms of the judging, changes need to be made. There are certain poses that shouldn’t be allowed in competition and judged upon. They are degrading and serve no true purpose when comparing physiques on stage. If you can’t judge a female standing normal facing the rear, then you aren’t fit to judge and should be replaced. It’s time to make a change before this industry is even more of a laughing stock to the general public.
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Old 08-02-16, 02:56 PM
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Good article and I agree...what are the judges looking at to judge?

Many of them are very beautiful and attractive while others are eh. It's safe to say that the last thing on a man's mind when seeing beautiful women, is scoring them right lol
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