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Beginners Q&A For People Just Getting Started

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Old 10-08-04, 02:45 PM
I feel like a NEWBIE!!!
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Haha, hey guys, help a brother out..

Your Opinions Matter

Alright folks, I think I'm gonna need some insight over here..


I've been training for size over the past 2 years, and in January I did my first cycle of test+eq, but it had to get cut short (6 weeks.)

In two years, I went from 208lbs to 247lbs. My first clean bulk got me from 208lbs to 235lbs, and my first cycle got me from 235lbs to 247lbs.

I focused on a rep range of 6-8 during these mass stages.

This year, I've been focusing on dieting down. I've gotten a comfortable amount of size, and I'd really like to be jiggle free.

I also have got alot on my plate, and I need some help figureing out a schedule.

A month ago, I just got a second job at Gold's Gym. I currently hold a full time job with the State of Calfornia. Extra Curricular activities are Polynesian Drumming & Dancing on Wednesdays, and Boxing training on Thursdays..

I've gotten into the swing of things what with starting work at Gold's Gym and hammering out my timing. Now I need to tweak it.

Currently: I'm 5'11 215lbs, about 15-16% bodyfat :bummed: My waist measures about 36, my chest at about 50, arms/neck and calves a little over 17. My quads measure about 27-28 each.

Goal: Overall, I'm not looking to add too much size. I'd *LIKE* to have beefier pecs, and arm & calf size are always welcome. I would like to get my waist down to about 34. I have big legs and a big butt, which I like. I just dont wanna be jiggly. I dont want a "muffin top" when I wear jeans. Know what I'm sayin? I'd like to see my abs, and I would like to keep them about 4-6 weeks close to "ripped" look. I dont wanna spend 24/7 keeping my bf% in the single digits.

I'd like to hang out at 10-12% bodyfat.


I eat 5-6 times a day. Typically..

1/2 c oatmeal
1 can tuna

30g protein w/ water
an apple or a grape fruit or a pear

boneless skinless chicken breast
2 cups chopped romaine hearts
1/2 c Stacy's Pita chips
1 tbs Newman's Own Salad Dressing (about 40 cals)

2 eggs + 4 whites, scrambled
1/2 cooked shrimp
sometimes a piece of fruit

wildcard, sometimes a protein shake, sometimes a Trioplex bar, or a repeat of one of the above meals


~1-2 tbs of Metamucil throughout the day
~B complex, 3x a day
~1000mg-2000mg vitamin C
~Milk Thistle 3 x a day
~Glucosamine Chondroitin 3 x a day
~Flax Seed Oil 3 x a day
~Fish Body Oils 3 x a day

*** I am going to be adding R-ALA into this routine.. but I have no idea where! A little help???

I'm also going to be taking BCAA's and ALCAR (acetyl L-Carnitine) pre cardio

I'm for sure going to be adding in ephedrine into the mix, but I dont wanna get hooked on it. I'm thinking of going 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. What do you think?

I'm also considering incorporating clenbuterol.. my fat burning stack/routine may look like this..

Weeks 1-2: clenbuterol
Weeks 3-4: ECA (ephedrine + caffine + aspirin)
Weeks 4-6: ECA + Y (ephedrine + caffine + aspirin + yohimbine hcl)

***I'm kinda scared about adding Y with ephedrine. Whenever I do it makes me short tempered. Perhaps, I will use Y with an ephedrine free fatburner. Can anyone suggest a good ephedrine free fat burner?


My weeks currently look like this...

Wednesday-Sunday AM:
45 minutes of cardio AM on an empty stomach (Mon&Tues, sometimes I'm only able to get in 30 in the AM)
Abdominal Work

Monday: ??? Off, I'm usually sleeping.
Tuesday: Teaching Hip Hop Cardio 8-9PM
Wednesday: Drumming & Dancing 6-9PM
Thursday: ???, Boxing 7-8PM
Friday: ???
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???

All the places where there is ???, I have room for lifting in the PM. I've just been playing it by ear lately. I've been focusing on upper body to bring it up to the level that my lower body is, but now I'd like to train Legs once a week.

Keep in mind, I cant have Leg Day too close to Wednesday due to Dance.

My most lagging body part is chest. Period. Can anyone give me a good chest day?

Also, should I work in Deadlifts at all? When I do deadlift, my size goes through the roof.. but since I'm trying to tweak my lagging bodyparts.. should I stay away from deadlifts? How about squats?

Thanks in advance everyone!

See my blog/workout-diet log @
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Old 10-11-04, 09:26 AM
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I don't know about the pita chips in meal #3. What are they made of? For meal #4, you'd be better off with a complex carb like brown rice instead of the fruit, you can add it into the eggs and make it like an omlet with the shrimp. Is meal #5 after training/dance, etc? Your diet is low in fat but you're taking flax and fish oil supps so that's good. If you need a late night snack, since you like fish try sardines in oilive oil (skinless and boneless, drained).

Incorporate a cheat day...not going wild, but say one afternoon and evening a week eat differently, have a few extra carbs and fats with foods that you aren't eating the rest of the week. Also, eating the same foods day in and day out doesn't work well for me, I'll eat similarly every day but I'll switch my chicken to salmon to lean beef, change the veggies I eat from salad to broccoli to mixed just seems to work better for me this way.

I assume you're drinking a lot of water...if not, get to it! Someone your size should get in at least 2 gal's a day.

Would this work for ya...

Friday: Chest

Saturday: Back & Shoulders

Sunday: Legs

Monday: Bi's & Tri's

Abs and cardio on the days you're already doing them.

If you want to do squats and/or deads, get them in at the beginning of leg day. When I'm doing legs and squats are a part of my routine, I like to start out with them on leg day, they just feel best that way for me. If your chest is lagging, look carefully at your form and try some new exercises that will hit them differently instead of doing what you've been doing.

I know you want to see your abs, but you know that's not gonna happen at 10-12%, more like 8%. Keep realistic goals and first shoot for that 10-12% and then go from there.

If you have had good success with clen, go ahead and go with it, but it's only a mild help, keeping strict with your diet is the most important. For the past couple of months I've been drinking strong black Starbucks coffee (with Splenda) in the morning and then again in the suppresses the appetite and gives me that boost I need.

You've got good knowledge on diet and training...just stick with it and you'll get the results you're looking for!

~~Fate does not come to us from the goes forth from within.~~
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