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Beginners Q&A For People Just Getting Started

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Old 01-07-06, 12:11 PM
Favorite Isolation Lifts
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Unless you just started lifting yesterday, you probably know that compound movements are the basis of any good routine. They're the most effective way to gain muscle mass and strength. It's a point nobody can argue, and in fact, you can get big as hell doing nothing but compound lifts like squats, presses, rows, and deads. However, isolation movements still have their place in bodybuilding and there's a few that I prefer for certain reasons.

Rear delts: Bent-over laterals
Yes, your rear delts get worked doing back exercises, especially rows; but I almost always throw in a couple sets of bent-over laterals at the end of my back work-out. They give your shoulders a nice round look and make you look alot bigger from the back.

Triceps: Decline skull-crushers
Dips and CGBP's are the best mass builders for tri's but these are a great movement too. By doing them on a decline you take some of the stress off the elbows. Avoid locking out at the top, it's bad news for your elbows. If you have a partner try doing forced negatives.

Lateral Delts: One-arm lateral raise
Stand with a dumbell in one hand at your side with your other side braced up against a preacher bench or something else and do a slow, controlled lateral raise . Then do the other side, of course. This gives your shoulders extra width. You can use a cable too, but I prefer a dumbell.

Chest: Incline dumbell flyes
I especially like doing these before an incline pressing movement, it helps you "feel" your upper chest getting worked more when you're pressing.

Back: Incline dumbell rows
Lean forward with your chest supported on an incline bench, or if you have one of those chest-supported t-bar row machines then that's even better. Row with two dumbells simutaneously and get a good squeeze at the top. You'll love these.

Traps: Dumbell shrugs
The way I do these I'm shrugging the dumbells but I'm bending my elbows and bringing the weights up to my waist to get a greater ROM. Almost like an upright row except the dumbells are at my sides intead of in front of me.

Biceps: Spider curls
Lean forward on a preacher bench backwards, so your arm hangs down at a 90 degree angle. Curl a dumbell as high as you can. Give's you a great peak contraction and really isolates the biceps.

Forearms: Reverse ez bar curls superset with behind-the-back curls
Don't be lazy, train your forearms. Reverse curls are just curls with a pronated grip. Behind-the-back curls is where you grip the bar behind your back with your palms facing behind you and do a wrist curl, curling the weight up towards your ass.

Quads: Hack squats with feet together.
If these hurt your knees don't do them. Have your feet as far out in front of you as possible. Don't use too much weight, do 25 reps at the end of your quad work-out.

Glutes/Hamstrings: weighted stair lunges
Hold a dumbell in one hand and hold on to the staircase rail with the other. walk up the stairs two steps at a time (maybe 3 if you're tall).
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Old 01-07-06, 03:04 PM
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nice post
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Old 03-25-06, 07:52 PM
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good info.
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Old 03-26-06, 09:15 AM
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Awesome Control. Thought I was the only one who did shrugs like that. Hehe makes your traps pop out like a rope attached to your ears.
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