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Beginners Q&A For People Just Getting Started

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Old 02-27-06, 12:00 PM
Help with training...need more critiques
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Hello everyone, I'm new to BB and need your help with my training. Any suggestions?

34 years old
209 Lbs
Unknown body fat percent
Goal: To lose a small gut and gain lean, huge, muscle mass. I would like to be a muscular 240lbs.
BMR: 3505.59
Ergogenic aids/drugs: none, but may M1T later.

I've been working out for 8 weeks religiously and eating pretty clean for 7 weeks (see diet thread in this forum), I workout Mon-Wed-Fri, off on Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun . When I started I weighed 219Lbs, but do not want to lose any more. I do the same routine as below on all three days but contiplating moving to a Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri. split routine, which works each major body part twice weekly. Thx for your input.

Mon-Wed-Fri Training Routine

Chest - bench press 3x10
Legs - squats 3x10
Calfs - seated calf raises 3x15
Biceps - standing barbell curls 3x10
Tris - lying tri extentions 3x10
Shoulders - seated military press (front) 3x10
Back - bent over rows (asstd barbell swivel machine) 3x10
Abs - crunches 3x25

I do not perform these exercises in any particular order. I usually switch theme up to fit my mood. I've very interested in performing a split routine so that I could focus on several major body parts per workout and perform more sets of each. Is this correct? I'm currently shot when I get to my last exercise, which is usually bent over rows. I would like some critiques that are very specific. If appropriate, I'd like to start training with more sets, but I fear I might overtrain....?.Thx a million for your critique...

p.s. any supplement recommendations would be appreciated (ie-creatine).
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Old 03-02-06, 01:44 AM
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Funny, I know I've seen this post before.

You need to keep full records.
Three full body workouts is great for initial conditioning.

Have you seen any gains, and where?

Keep in mind that you typically would do per week:
Back ~ 16 - 20 sets
Chest ~12 - 16 sets
Quads ~ 16 - 20 sets
Shoulders ~ 10 - 12 sets
Arms, Calves, & Hamstrings~ 8 - 10 sets

That is no matter how you split them up.

Periodically you should go heavier with less reps & sets, and lighter with more reps & sets.

You will also want to go easy on parts that respond well so you can put more energy into those that do not.

Each person needs to experiment to work out their own intensity level required to finish the reps, sets, and weight for each muscle group. To this end, as a beginner, perhaps you should try a push-pull-legs split with an emphasis on bringing up your stamina by working up to finishing all sets for each muscle in one workout.

After that you will want to start working on steady weight increases to condition your CNS to heavier loads.

The ab work can be done on off days.

You will have to eat - and put off the fatloss for awhile if you want to see any size gains soon.
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