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Old 09-20-16, 04:27 PM
Results after coming off hgh
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Hey Guys
I am new to this forum and very interested in hgh for healing purposes. What i want to ask is those of you who have used hgh for awhile now, what were your results pertaining to your skin, hair, eyes, wellbeing etc. Also when you came off or took a break from hgh, did you lose all the benefits you gained or some?
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Old 09-21-16, 04:57 AM
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Anti aging results fade over time after your stop administration of HGH, Muscle gains are not significant from HGH comparing with steroids but you keep pretty much all of them if you continue to train and eat properly. Most people think they can keep gains off gym and without proper nutrition, thats simply not correct Also taking HGH alone for bodybuilding purposes its just simple waste of money, healing wise there are healing peptides that are cheaper and more effective for healing purposes
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Mr I
Old 09-21-16, 07:44 AM
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In my opinion of you use it at 4iu ed for 6 months alongside aas and train hard supported with plenty of protien you will change your physicality permanently and and up heavier.
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Old 09-21-16, 12:14 PM
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i agree more with mr i than i do with fanis.

HGH is subtle but it has long term lasting effects. whereas steroids simply enlarge the muscle cells you already have, HGH actually increases the amount of muscle cells that you have.

obviously gh effects are stonger while on but i don't think they simply go away. they stay with you even if its subtle especially in combo with AAS, it tends to change your overall shape for the better.
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